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Selected Articles

Articles by Patricia Edgar and Don Edgar

Navigating a Complex Digital World, September 2009

Discussion Paper: Television, Digital Media and children’s learning, 2009

Articles by Patricia Edgar

Childhood policy straight out of fantasyland, October 2009

Australian Education Union Early Childhood Conference, September 2009

Commercialisation: from children to profit centres, September 2009

Shine: Give gifted and talented students a push, 2009

Shine: Teaching media literacy should be our priority, 2009

Shine: Biting off more than we can chew, 2009

Shine: I think I can, I think I can, 2009

Shine: Why Storytelling Works, 2009

Shine: Television is our ally – not our enemy, 2009

Shine: Defining the typical Australian, 2009

Shine: Why intelligence can be taught, 2009

Shine: Gaming is Good, 2009

Web opens new front in old battle, 2009

Same lightweight ad menu key to youth obesity inquiry, 2009

Children of the new universe need a real education revolution, 2008

Marketing to Children: a time-bomb, 2008

Australian children's media is in crisis but a digital children's channel on the ABC is not part of the solution, 2008

The Australian Communications and Media Authority's Children's Program Standards and Australian Content Standards, 2007

Children's Media needs another Bruce Gyngell, 2007

A challenge to the status quo in children's media in Australia, Young Media Australia's 50th anniversary, March 2007

Does television have a future? June 2007

Howard Gardner's 5 Minds for the Future, 2007

Spiderman is back, 2004

Articles by Don Edgar

Loving and working in a changing world, October 2009

A Better Measure of Society's Wellbeing, October 2009

A New Deal for Children, September 2009

Community attitudes to children, young people and families, 2009

Technology and learning in the early years, VCAA 11 November 2008

International volunteering: a no-risk approach to career transition, 2006

Family Impact Statement on Proposed Workchoices Legislation, 2005

Social trends and their impact on Queensland Education, 2004

Re-valuing and Re-structuring Primary School Education, 2004

Meaningful participation - how to give the community a 'voice', 2003

Globalisation and regional governance, 2003

Dorothy Pash Oration on Ageing, 2002

Finding a New Voice for Further Education, 2001

Challenging the Conventions of Work-Family Programs, 2001

Emotional Competence is a Man's Business, 1998